“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” —Issac Newton

“…the hills send back the cry, we’re out to do or die, for California, for California, we’ll win the game or know the reason why…”

Golden Bear Equities LLC is a forward–looking multifamily real estate investment firm focused on acquiring high quality, value-add properties across
the western United States.


Founded in 2020, Golden Bear Equities endeavors to transform under-performing, workforce housing into high quality properties that provide great value for residents and profitable returns for investors. Thorough and hands-on, Golden Bear’s patient and thoughtful approach looks to balance solid cashflow generation as well as long term upside for its investors.

Golden Bear invests in markets across the western US with positive long term prospects, a stable employer base, and supportive state governments. Golden Bear is currently pursuing new acquisitions in Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Washington and Utah where it can acquire properties with potential for improved operations and infrastructure.

Golden Bear pursues and acquires each property on an individual basis. This approach provides our investors with transparency, flexibility and increased visibility into each opportunity as well as the unique performance of their investment.

To execute its business plan for each property, Golden Bear partners with best-in-class property management, construction management and local vendors in each market to improve existing property operations and infrastructure. It is this partnership with vendors and investors as well as with residents that sets Golden Bear apart in its ability to provide both high quality, well-run properties while doing so at great value and return for all.


620 Newport Center Drive
Suite 1100
Newport Beach, CA 92660